Proud Donations ❤

It was a proud day for the Giant Challenge team after donating a fantastic £1000 to Air Ambulance, (Double the donation of last years Haughton Giant Challenge) The cheque was gratefully received by two lovely paramedics who took the time to show us around the air ambulance and how they carry out their medical wonders in the sky. So many people are grateful for the work this team, and all paramedics do for our country and we are honoured to have been able to contribute again to the incredible work they do to save lives.

The money raised from the Haughton Giant Challenge this year was split evenly between Air Ambulance and Haughton St Giles Academy school.

Haughton St Giles Academy have used the money to purchase some new bikes for the infant children, and you never, know, in a few years they may join us on the next Haughton Giant Challenge!

Thank you all for supporting us this year, in order to have made this possible.

Here's to next years Charitable Challenge!

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