What’s included in the price?

  • Fully signed route

  • Water/snack stops

  • Finish line snacks

  • Chip Recorded time

  • Mechanical/retirement support

  • Finishing Certificate

  • Course Photography


Do I have to be fit to participate?

Giant Challenge events are designed to support everyone at different levels of fitness, wether you’re a first time cyclist looking for something a bit different than the usual tracks you ride; or you’ve made it your mission to reach a certain running distance we will support you in getting to the finish line! As it’s not a race you go at your own speed, take time at the water stops and challenge only yourself! That’s the best thing! 


Where do I park?

We will provide the location of where you can park; this will be within your confirmation email, as well as a reminder email a day before the event! 


Can I get a GPX file of the route before the day?

Yes! The GPX route files will be available on the website before the event, we'll email everyone who registers with the file a few days before the event also. You can also view a map of the route on the event page, this may change however as we assess the condition closer to the date, so keep an eye on your emails once registered. 


Where do I go on the day and when can I start?

Within your registration confirmation email we’ll send you the registration location and start times. Usually, you can register from 8am and set-off anytime between 08:30 and 10:30. Depending on the size of the event we may allocate specific times to start for safety reasons. We’ll send all the information you need via email if this is the case.


Age restrictions

Anyone aged 8 or over can register however, the age restrictions change depending on the route length, this will be shown when you register. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the event.


What is the route terrain like?

The route comprises of lanes, dirt tracks, bridal paths, fields and woods. We suggest a hybrid or mountain bike; fixed framed road bikes may find the routes hard, but its not impossible!  

Are refreshments available?

Yes! For participants there will be free water/snack stops around the routes, we’ll provide you with a map on the day with the location of the water/snack stops.

Is the Giant Challenge a race?

No, it's a personal challenge, however it will be timed. We will publish the times online after the event.

HOW Will I be timed?

You will be given a bib number containing an RFID chip on the day so we can track and record your time. These will then be published on our website after the event. Remember this is not a race but personal challenge. 


If you register online before the event you will be timed, if you sign-up on the day you won’t be timed.

Do I have to raise sponsorship?

No, however if you want to raise money then you can! We will send you sponsorship ideas via email after you register.

What happens if I can't complete the route?

We have marshals around the course.  If you have broken down or have to retire we can arrange recovery from the nearest marshalling point. If injured we have first aiders on hand who can be contacted at any time; you’ll be provided with the details on the day.


How long will it take to finish?

That really depends on your level of fitness and the way you choose to tackle the ride. Some people go all out to finish as quickly as possible, others take their time and enjoy the view. The routes go through some beautiful countryside and if you want to take 5 hours and enjoy the scenery that's fine with us. We send a sweeping up team around the route to make sure that we've not left anyone out there.


Do I have to enter online?

No, however, we'd really like you to as it keeps our costs down and makes life much easier for us to organise marshals and water stop refreshments. 


Do I need to carry money with me?

No, it's not essential. Food and drink stalls from local vendors will be available after the event so you may want to have some money for after you’ve finished.

Do I have the wear a cycle helmet?

Yes. We insist that all RIDERS must wear helmets.

Can I bring supporters along?

Definitely; at the school grounds there will be a summer fete with plenty to do for supporters who want to wait for you to finish. We may have to restrict access to school grounds for safety reasons as it would get too crowded. There will be food, coffee and drinks and entertainment from local business who are supporting the event at the school.


The ages quoted when purchasing tickets is there as a guide and are not compulsory restrictions. As the parent/guardian you will be responsible for ensuring the safety & wellbeing of anyone under the age of 16 who you may be signing up with. When cycling it's important that you maintain close contact at all times. 

Do I need any special equipment?

No, for cyclists you must wear a cycle helmet and we strongly suggest a puncture repair kit or spare inner tubes. Be prepared for wet weather and muddy conditions! 

Can I use an electronically assisted E-bike?

Yes! You're more than welcome to use your e-bike, you will still be timed however your time will be marked to show that it was an assisted ride.

No dogs are allowed on the school grounds. Dogs are also not permitted to run along side you whilst cycling either.