On your Marks...Get Set...Go!!

So the ticket lines are open and you can now register for our 2020 Giant Challenge!!

Since my last post, there have been a number of developments which i am super excited to tell you about. The first of course, is that you are now able to register and book your tickets for the 2020 Haughton Giant Challenge taking place on 28th June 2020. There will be a 20k, 40k and 60k route this year, plenty of variety for all abilities so get involved and sign up today! https://www.giantchallenge.co.uk/register-28-06-2020.

We have recently announced the winners for the free tickets to the next Giant Challenge as promised, this was for anyone who gave us feedback on our 2019 Haughton Giant Challenge. (thanks to all who took the time to do so) We had one of our youngest Giant Challenge team members, Ava, read out the lucky winners who are, ...drum roll please,.... Congratulations to Geraint Jenkins and David Bagnall!

We will contact you via email with details on how to claim your prize.

We are in the processes of getting some more local business who provide fast food and beer etc during and after the event, we have some providers in the pipeline but need some more volunteers as we believe there will be a record number of challengers for next year and we need support to quench the thirst of those tired riders at both the end of the event and half way point.

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to get involved and support us, whether a food or beverage provider.

Once again we will be hosted by the Haughton St Giles primary academy who will be having their annual summer fair on the same day to keep all our guests and riders entertained during the whole day.

There will be a number of stalls and games catered for all ages and lots of space to enjoy the afternoon with anyone who wishes to join us.

This coming year, we hope to have a bike photo booth for riders to take before and after pictures with our Giant Challenge Banners and back ground,

There is some time to go yet, but we will keep you posted on any new information.

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